Concert Arrangements

There are times in the transcription process where one asks the question “Is this just a re-scoring, or is it substantially altered.”  Works on my Concert Band Arrangements list go to the latter. They have been altered in melody, harmony, structure or purpose.

Dancin’ With Anton, Antonin Dvorak

A highly arranged rendition of the New World, Antonin Dvorak, movements I, II and IV. It moves from easily recognized “transcription” moments to arranged and somewhat masked ones. Some musical segments are harmonically treated like a big band. The second movement “Going Home” theme is in a Gospel-like setting for two trumpets with saxes, string bass and percussion keyboards comping chords (think the musical “Purlie”) leading into a gospel choir comprised of the instrumentalists. This is followed by a “cool jazz” feeling transition into the material of the fourth movement, where the familiar tune is treated in an unfamiliar manner. While working on this, I kept asking myself, “What might Anton have done if he had it to do today?” Grade 5, 7:45. Listen to a midi rendition of Dancin’ on the  Recordings page below. Click on the link below to view the score to Dancin’ With Anton.



Dancin' With Anton (midi) (mp3)


Concert Arrangements-Scores

Dancin' With Anton Score (pdf)